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My Art Network


My Art Network stands for...

Creative digital solutions out of the box

We live in a mass production world in which copies are quickly made, based on historical (, sometimes accidental,) successes of a good product. The best example of all is the Microsoft Operating System. It's not the best but got its popularity due to its marketing strategy. The same goes for all IT solutions. My Art Network thinks out of the box and dares to reconsider fundamental features to make it work according to your needs in order to make it a bigger success. Just like an artist distinguishes himself from ordinary people with unique ideas, the same goes for My Art Network. That's why we catch up well with such personalities.

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Your personal solution

Creating unique applications is always a first step ahead on the competition. Don't do the same like all successful competitors do. To be better, you must do it differently. Like your unique piece of art, my solution for you is unique.

Secure networking

Increase your market share by using E-commerce abilities, social networking skills and mailing techniques from the power of your application which is doing the job for you. You only have to decide when this is to happen. My Art Network takes care you have a unique way of attracting customers while protecting against potential dangers for your own network infrastructure.


Creating community platforms

Why not creating your own Facebook or own LinkedIn alike solution with just having the social network audience of your own customers and the information you want to see from them directly under your eyes ? When you launch a new product, you reach immediately your audience without paying ads to an advertising company.

Personalized cloud applications

You have for a cloud application in mind that looks similar to one that is being sold on the internet but misses several features to fit your business ? My Art Network can deliver customized solutions that fit your business and implements in your own infrastructure. There's no need to invent the warm water again, but more steam will be created.

Network communication installations

Whether you're a freelancer, have a small company or larger grown company, you need the best network communication tools advised by an expert without any commercial interest by specific trade marks to make choices independant of commercial interests. My Art Network can advise you with its expertise on E-mail servers, spam robots, VoIP conferencing, or any network traffic related data communication (load balancing, firewalling, caching, ...) and install what you need.


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